The more the merrier! Benefit from the colorful variety of our show acts.

Slackwire artistry

A boxer dreams of her big match. But before she can face her opponent, she must overcome hurdles, climb ropes and find her balance. Through dancing and boxing, she works her way to the fight. Full of spins, jumps and dance moves, this slackwire journey is all about grace, humour and acrobatic virtuosity.

Laughter across generations

With witty artistry, quirky magic and exploding comedy, Kaosclown brings chaos wherever he goes. The anarchy-comedian is a sly old dog with a mischievous smile who defies clown clichés. Whether he makes tables float, disappears in a bubble of chewing gum or wants to fly to the moon in a rocket, action is guaranteed!

One-woman street show

Looking forward to her long awaited dream vacation, Giselle la Pearl is about to find the perfect scenario to lay back & relax, but then things start to fall apart… Due to her mischievous character, one thing she’s surely about to succeed -is having a clownesque day on the beach. Join her for an anti-age vintage experience, whether you’re an expert swimmer or just a toe dipper – jump in! Following the success of Jay Toor a.k.a Fire Fingers with their worldwide hit “Ms. Flames” she returns in her one-woman street show “Holiday on Delay”.

Juggling and comedy

Herr Konrad puts on a tightly packed performance with fast-paced juggling acts choreographed to music and sound effects combined with a unique humour of puns and slapstick. His high-wheel act is not only artistically demanding, but above all peppered with eloquent wordplay and subtle wit.

Unique diabolo artistry & comedy at the highest level

The celebrated entertainer, comedian and diabolo artist delights audiences all over the world. Original tricks, positive energy paired with self-deprecating humour are his trademark. He plays with his audience with a unique style and berliner tongue to boot- this is street art par excellence!

Hoops, circus, elegance and provocation. Feats of artistry and disastrous entertainment.

Carmela is a crazy dancer, loveable acrobat, hula hooping virtuoso and splitting apples with a single swing of her swiveling hips. In her current show, she massacres bananas and other innocent vegetables. With the help of a knife-tipped hula hoop. As brutal as it sounds, she is kindness personified and even goes over (beer) cans for her audience. An odd lady with amazing skills, a big smile and a big heart.

Comedy juggling, walkacts and entertainment par excellence!

Mike & Mike demonstrate over and over again how manifold and unique their shows can be. They might impress the spectators today as musketeers with brilliant sword fights and spectacular (uniycycle-) juggling-acts, but soon they will turn into the glamorous pop stars of the Juggling-Universe. Be pleased to join the Fantastic World of OPUS FURORE…

Juggler and street artist

“Home Made Bicycle Race” is an invitation to a world of subtle comedy, masterful artistry and surprising improvisation. White beanbags, absurdities, poetic and breathtaking juggling and the “smallest bicycle in the world“. Join us on a journey of smiles, laughter and amazement.
The artist and street performer Kaspar Gross touches his audience with authenticity, audacious charm and plenty of subtle humour.

Acrobatic circus-theatre with humour.

The acrobatic duo combines partner acrobatics on the floor and on the Chinese pole with lovingly staged theatrical stories. The charming world of the 1920s forms the backdrop for their whimsical, poetic and detailed show. Circus-theater for young and old, where you can laugh and suffer with the artists.