Behind the scenes without makeup. Take a look at the creators of the Boardwalk Collective. This is us!

The strategist Kaspar Gross knows the ins and outs of applying for funding. He’s the kind of guy you can get on the phone with, whether you’re a bureaucrat at the Ministry of Culture or an event organiser. That’s why he usually takes on the role of handling phone duties. If he wasn’t a juggler, he’d probably be a politician.

Jay Toor is our acquisitions queen, with a Mediterranean flair. Under her guidance, our ensemble performs in the most spectacular locations. A frequent flyer, she effortlessly crosses three time zones every week. She is also our in-house choreographer with an eye for detail.

As ‘The Voice’, Philipp Marth is responsible for the Boardwalk anthem and enjoys living out his other passions in the service of the Boardwalk Theater: taking on graphic design tasks, creative copywriting and hosting our variety shows.

Carmen La Tanik was born in Nuremberg but feels at home all over the world. The cultural educator drives a livable 7.5-ton vehicle and represents Boardwalk Theater in various networks. She sets feminist standards and is our first point of contact for visionary ideas, concepts and collaborations.

The tightrope walker Thamar Hampe is balance and diligence personified. With her, no question goes unanswered, no typo goes unnoticed and no publication goes ahead without her involvement. She also hammers iron pegs like no other.

Kira Paas is the only one who can walk down the stairs in a handstand after eating a large pizza. She’s also the one who regularly thinks about photos and finds the ideal angle and filter, no matter how exhausted we are. As our social media delegate, she is our link to the digital world.

Anders Jensen, the cool head from the north, is the contact person for safety, technology and data. After all, he studied physics! So he not only builds Excel spreadsheets but also sophisticated props such as our beautiful entrance portal.

The frequent traveler Michael Braun usually logs into our meetings via ICE Wlan. He is a qualified cultural scientist, and can put together an entire festival for you during a train journey from Berlin to Munich. Without delay!

Michael Liermann is a qualified cultural scientist and is a talented organiser. He effortlessly creates the right format for every event and is the expert in connections, be it with clients, external artists or the wiring of our sound systems.

Jan Manske speaks passionately about the history and concept of Boardwalk Theater. He sees himself as a true communicator, well versed in the successful sale of Boardwalk shows, with an eye for new opportunities and complementary details.

The dynamic presenter Conrad Edwin Wawra works behind the scenes as a text author and creative head for successful marketing in image, sound and writing. A trained circus and theatre educator, he has a knack for team building and is (so far) the only one of us to have ridden a unicycle on a motorway.

Juan Gomez alias El Goma founded the Boardwalk Theater in Cologne in 2017. Together with us, he got the ball rolling and was the visionary behind our collective. Although El Goma is no longer a team member, he still supports us on stage as a clown and comedian. Without him, we would not exist!